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Subaru Legacy Wagon – Wins Motorist's Choice Midsize/Large Wagon


AutoPacific Take on Subaru Legacy Win –
Subaru Legacy owners’ satisfaction ratings with their new vehicle contribute to its win of the Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Mid-Size/Large Wagon category. With standard all wheel drive, the Legacy Wagon gets high marks for a feeling of safety while driving and good traction in all weather conditions. Also contributing to the safety perception are strong owner ratings for braking and handling. However, driving dynamics are not the only contributors to the Legacy Wagon’s win. Product and brand reputation and durability, quality and reliability were important factors in its class-leading performance.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The Legacy is a true flagship for the Subaru line-up. And the Subaru line-up is purchased and driven by some of the most loyal and passionate enthusiasts in the mid-size market. There must be a reason? Well, one look at the Legacy’s place in the Inaugural Motorist’s Choice award roster provides the explanation. It provides the rare combination of reliability, spirited and responsive driving, and excellent value. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership of just $31,000, the Legacy is assured of a great legacy.

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