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Toyota Avalon – Wins Motorist's Choice Large Car


AutoPacific Take on Win by Avalon – The all new Toyota Avalon is targeted squarely at the leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation. It wins the Motorist’s Choice Award® for the Large Car category with a combination of image, package and dynamic characteristics. Owners’ satisfaction ratings strongly support the reputation of the Avalon and Toyota for high quality. Seating capacity is a strong satisfaction characteristic and owners tell us Avalon is no slouch in the performance department. They give it strong ratings for power and acceleration, handling and braking. These driving dynamics make the Avalon feel like a very safe vehicle.
IntelliChoice Analysis – Just like the LS430 is the leader for Lexus, the Toyota Avalon is a true flagship. Not just for Toyota, but for the inaugural Motorist’s Choice award winners as well. The Avalon has established itself as a no-compromise and rewarding vehicle to it’s owners, but it’s role as multiple Best Overall Value of the Year winner in Large Car class also confirms it’s amazing value. With a 5 year Cost of Ownership over $4000 less than the amazing Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Impala, and others, it is a true Motorist’s Choice.

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