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Toyota Tacoma 4×2- Wins Motorist’s Choice Compact Pickup 2WD


AutoPacific – The Toyota Tacoma wins the inaugural Motorist’s Choice Award® for Compact 2WD Pickups. As with most Toyota’s, owner satisfaction with the image and reputation of Tacoma and the Toyota brand is strong. Tacoma is seen as being a high quality, durable and reliable pickup. Owners feel safe driving and buying the Tacoma. It is perceived to be fun to drive with particularly strong ratings for handling.
IntelliChoice – The Tacoma is another stellar example of how Toyota can turn out a winner generation after generation. While other manufacturers scramble to revise and review their compact pick-up offerings, Toyota continues to produce the ‘cream of the crop’. A multiple Best Overall Value of the Year in IntelliChoice’s 20 years of analysis, the current Tacoma rewards it’s driver with an amazing 5 year Cost of Ownership over $3400 less than it’s competitors with power to spare. A Motorist’s Choice in every sense of the definition.

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