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VehicleVoice#42 – Lower Fuel Prices and the SEMA Show

  • November 9, 2006
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Welcome to VehicleVoice – Episode #42

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This week, our VehicleVoice audio podcast host David Barrett sits down with AutoPacific’s Vice President and Senior Consultant Jim Hossack for a conversation about one of the funnest auto shows on the circuit, SEMA, and a recent article on that points to the short term memory loss of the American car buyer.

Recently, American automobile sales showed that October had a big jump in larger vehicle sales. What! Now that fuel is back under $3.00 a gallon, have Americans completely forgotten how much gas a Yukon, or an H2 or a Navigator guzzles? Are we that myopic?! Well, on the surface, that’s what the sales figures say, but as consumer expert Jim Hossack tells us, those figures can be misleading.

Also on tap this week, Jim and David chat about the week spent in Las Vegas at the SEMA show – the wildest after-market auto parts show a car nut can happily attend.

Show Runtime – 15:04

Show Rundown
01:01 Ford’s inability to hold on to good talent – Still.
02:45 New Sales Figures – Big gas-guzzling engines are again on the American car buyer’s shopping list.
05:13 SEMA – How many wheel makers are there, anyway?!

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