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2007 Detroit Auto Show – Hunan University New Concept Car

Ah, those crazy Chinese. We all know that the Chinese are poised to enter the USA market sometime in the future. Most of the vehicles will be very conventional. You might say that many will be ripoffs of vehicles sold in Western markets around the globe. Anyway, Changfeng Motor had a display at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. While Changfeng featured their Liebao (“cheetah” in English) Motors entries, they also devoted some valuable space in their booth to this concept vehicle developed by Hunan University.
VehicleVoice and AutoPacific staffers ventured down into Detroit’s Cobo Hall basement where Changfeng had its display in Michigan Hall.

Hunan concept F34 Blog.jpg

We’re not sure what the Hunan University New Concept Car is supposed to be, but, yes, it does have a single wheel in front and a single wheel at the rear. There are two wheels at the center of the car. I guess this is really a “new concept” in vehicle architecture. We are seeing several folks looking at three-wheeled vehicles, but never one with a leading wheel and dragging wheel.
Any idea what it will achieve?
Hunan Concept FV Blog.jpg

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