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MINI Tops AutoPacific Rankings for Satisfaction With Dealer Experience

AutoPacific’s annual survey of new car and light truck buyers includes a question about the buyers’ Overall Satisfaction with the Dealer Experience. Dealer experience includes both the sales experience and service experience. Respondents to the survey have owned their vehicles for ninety days or more so they have had the opportunity to visit the dealership to handle issues with initial quality or get their first oil change.

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In AutoPacific’s 2006 Research Suite results, MINI is the highest scoring brand with 65% of MINI buyers indicating they are “Completely Satisfied” with their dealership experience. The ranking by brand is shown below:
1. 65% MINI
2. 60% Porsche
3. 59% Cadillac
4. 57% Lexus
5. 56% Jaguar
6. 55% BMW
7. 54% Lincoln
8. 53% Saturn
9. 52% Mercury
9. 52% Land Rover
The remainder of the brands are shown below the fold.

11. 51% Buick
11. 51% Volvo
13. 49% Audi
14. 48% Infiniti
14. 48% Mercedes-Benz
16. 47% Pontiac
17. 47% Hyundai
17. 47% Honda
17. 47% Chevrolet
20. 46% Acura
20. 46% GMC
20. 46% Volkswagen
23. 44% Ford
24. 42% Subaru
25. 41% Jeep
26. 40% Toyota
26. 40% Dodge
26. 40% Saab
26. 40% Scion
30. 38% Chrysler
31. 37% Suzuki
31. 37% HUMMER
33. 36% Nissan
34. 36% Isuzu
35. 35% Kia
36. 34% Mazda
36. 34% Mitsubishi
Top Ranked MINI Has Solved “Demographic Challenge”
The toughest folks to satisfy are young males. The easiest to satisfy are your grandmothers. Young males are very critical. They can be very enthusiastic. And often dealers do not treat them with the respect they feel they deserve. Clearly, MINI has broken the code to satisfying its buyer base. Good job! (And the fact that MINI is dualled with BMW does not hurt one bit).
Mid-Pack Surprise – Mercedes-Benz Plummets
One of the more surprising results is Mercedes-Benz being ranked in the middle of the pack. In 2002, 2003, and 2004 Mercedes was ranked in the top five – never first, but at least in the hunt. In 2005 and 2006 Mercedes rankings plummeted from the top five to mid-pack. Not good news for what is still perceived to be a prestige brand.
Top Mainstream Brand – Mercury
Is MINI a “mainstream brand”? We would call it a boutique brand. So, the top ranking mainstream (i.e. not luxury) brand is Mercury closely followed by Buick. Mercury’s performance is likely helped by the Lincoln premium brand

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