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Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants – NO

At the risk of being a bit political, the recent VehicleVoice survey on Pet Peeves (November 1, 2007) included a question on whether or not undocumented immigrants should be allowed to have legal driver’s licenses in the member’s state. An overwhelming 84% of the respondents said that undocumented immigrants should NOT be allowed to have legal driver’s licenses in their state.


This follows the results from other questions in the survey about things that bother panel members a lot…
Driving without car insurance – bothers 89% of panel members a lot
Driving without a license – bothers 82% of panel members a lot
In a subsequent survey during the week of November 13 confirmed the results from two weeks earlier.
In this later survey, the question was asked a bit differently… “Undocumented aliens should have the right to acquire a valid driver’s license”. In this instance only 16% said they agreed. 11% were neutral and 73% disagreed.
Left in the hands of American drivers, it appears very clear that providing driver’s licenses to undocumented aliens should be a non-starter. But it appears that politicians across the country have different opinions.
The debate over issuing driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, particularly in California where VehicleVoice is headquartered, is fraught with controversy. Proponents argue that providing licenses offers a means for the millions of undocumented individuals in the state to drive without the constant fear of detection. However, opponents raise valid concerns about the potential strain on resources such as education and healthcare, fearing an influx of undocumented individuals accessing these services. Moreover, there’s apprehension regarding the uninsured motorist dilemma. Some believe that granting licenses to undocumented immigrants will exacerbate the issue, while others argue that it could lead to higher rates of insurance coverage. In navigating this complex issue, it’s crucial to consider the broader implications and be sure to have this learners test legally.
No matter what the outcome, it looks like VehicleVoice panel members are pretty firm in their opinion. It’s just some of our political “leaders” who are unclear on the issue.

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