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What Are The Top Vehicles Purchased by Tech Savvy Buyers?

According to AutoPacific’s annual survey of new car and light truck acquirers, the BMW 3-Series, Acura MDX, Lexus RX, Honda Accord, and Infiniti QX56 attract the most tech savvy buyers. Tech savvy consumers made up approximately 5% of the new car buying population in 2007, up from just 2% in 2006. As Gen Y matures and enters the new vehicle market in greater numbers, AutoPacific expects these numbers to continue their growth. Tech savvy car buyers were defined utilizing a collection of data filters from AutoPacific’s Research Suite® database.


A mostly male group of consumers, they are younger and more educated than the total population of new car buyers and have nearly twice the household income. Tech savvy new car buyers generally lead an active lifestyle and enjoy vacationing, movies, home improvements, investing, sporting events, and leisure sports such as boating and golf as well as active outdoor activities like snow/water sports, biking and hiking. They often do volunteer work but are much less inclined to be political or environmental activists.
What Influences Their Purchase Decision?
Tech savvy consumers look to overall quality, power & acceleration, exterior styling, reliability and driving fun when making their purchase decision, while typical importance characteristics like safety, fuel economy and price fall by the wayside when compared with the total population. They also place much more importance on their vehicle’s image. These consumers support their tech savvy profile with a long list of current vehicle features and those wanted on their next vehicle. Features like navigation systems, Bluetooth connectivity, voice activated controls, branded premium audio, and car-to-home controls have a rate of purchase by tech savvy consumers that is 25 percentage points or more than that of the all new car buyers.
Why is this important?
From BMW’s iDrive to Microsoft Sync, manufacturers have charged ahead in the race to lure tech savvy buyers. However, spending on the right technologies isn’t easy. Get the data to support your best decision in AutoPacific’s Future Attribute Demand Study.

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