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2008 Portuguese International Auto Show

OK, here I am in Lisbon attending Nissan 360 – an event to showcase Nissan’s worldwide product to worldwide media. Jetlag not being a favorite of mine, I decided to come to Lisbon a couple of days early. LAX to Amsterdam to Lisbon. Luckiily, no connections were missed and got in at 230PM right on time. Checking into the Lisbon Marriott, the desk clerk happened to mention that there was a car show beginning. How convenient, car shows are my thing.

Portugal Auto Show Ticket .jpg

After showering, I hopped in a cab and quickly arrived at 2008 Salao Inernacional do Automovel de Portugal. Nine Euros later I walked into Hall 1 and began the journey. The Portugal International Auto Show is not huge like Frankfurt, or Tokyo, or maybe Detroit, but it is spread over four spacious halls. Clearly the automakers did not have their A-Class displays here, but the displays were very competitive. Everybody was here – many not playing in the USA – except Opel (General Motors), Jaguar/Land Rover and Porsche were conspicuously absent (or I somehow missed them in my two sweeps of the show). The show did have many smaller cars that are available in Europe and likely would do pretty well in the USA given today’s fuel price environment.
I don’t intend on going through the show car-by-car, but I thought seeing some highlights would be interessting. Here goes.
Mitsubishi Concept CX SV .jpg

WOW!!! Mitsubishi Concept CX small 3-door is a stunner.

Audi A1 Coupe SV.jpg

Audi A1 Quattro Coupe Shows Direction of Smallest Audi Entry

Citroen Air Play F34.jpg

Cute Citroen Air Play has rear sliding targa roof and drop glass rear window.

Ford Fiesta 5dr R34.jpg

Ford Fiesta 5-door hatchback. Jury is Out Whether USA Will Get It. I want it.

Honda Small Hybrid Sports SV.jpg

While a crude model, Honda Small Hybrid Sports Coupe Shows Honda Still Has a Spark for Aggressive Design


Lancia is on the cusp of extinction or distinction. Stunning Lancia Delta wagon goes for distinction.

SsangYong Actyon FV.jpg

SsangYong Actyon SV.jpg

The recent winner of the AZTEK UGLY award is the SsangYong Actyon SUT. Another “What wee they thinking moment.”

Peugeot TRZ.jpg

Seen at previous shows, Peugeot TRZ sports car evokes memories of the Audi Avus with Peugeot cues

Subaru Cultus People.jpg

Maybe it is time for Subaru of America to bring back the Cultus. America may be ready this time.

Volvo XC60 Rear SV.jpg

Volvo XC60 will be Volvo’s small Crossover SUV when it is launched early in 2009

Jeep Display w:Dodge.jpg

Chrysler LLC had a large dsplay with the Jeep area getting good attention.

Bipper Tepee Logo.jpg

Bipper Tepee SV.jpg

Bipper Tepee RV.jpg

Remember the Daihatsu Naked Be Pal? Well, maybe not. But Peugeot has launched a, uh, uh, uh. Well, anyway, here is the Bipper Tepee.

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