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2009 NAIAS: Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S

Maserati tries to put a positive spin on product at the Detroit show, enhancing the Quattroporte into the GT S. More power and luxury, the stuff of dreams.




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The New Quattroporte Sport GT S Debuting At 2009 NAIAS
On the 70th anniversary of Maserati’s First Indianapolis 500 win

Modena — December 22nd, 2008 — The new Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S sets yet another milestone in terms of sportiness in the high performance luxury sedan segment╩ of the automotive market. Conceived and developed as a real driving machine in the guise of a luxury sedan, the Quattroporte Sport GT S is the ultimate expression of Maserati’s sportiness in the Quattroporte range.
The technical changes to the new Quattroporte Sport GT S — in respect to the Quattroporte S concern four areas:
* the mapping of the V8 4.7 liter engine, with power increased to 323kW (433 HP);
* the gearshift management software, with new features designed to increase driving enjoyment;
* the front and rear suspension system featuring single-rate dampers, stiffer springs and lower ride height;
* the sports exhaust controlled by pneumatic valves for a deep, throaty and captivating sound.
The sportier and more aggressive look is evident also — by virtue of the interior and exterior stylistic choices:
* the new black grill with concave vertical fins featuring the Trident logo with red accents, typical of the sportier versions of Maserati models;
* the new headlights, in metallic titanium finish;
* the side and rear shadow line, which includes black finishing around the doors, body-colored door handles and black twin oval exhaust pipes,
* the new M-design seats with perforated Alcantara¿ and leather upholstery;
* the standard trim in Titantex, a titanium colored composite material.

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