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2008 Toyota Tundra Supercharged TRD

TRD Tundra.jpgThis past weekend I wanted the most horsepower on my block. That’s pretty tough on my block, where horsepower seems to trump everything. Rationality is heresy on a block of 9 homes that includes a BMW M6, a Jaguar XKR, a Chrysler 300C SRT8 and a host of other badges of courage.
A simple V8 Would Not Do
A simple V8 would not do, but we’re fortunate enough to have a 2008 Toyota Tundra Supercharged by TRD. Some cars offer the power and handling go to give the driver a feeling of “point and shoot”. In the case of the Tundra, “just shoot” will do. The mother of all Tundras is built off of the regular cab, to keep it light. The TRD-designed and developed supercharger boosts horsepower from 381 to 504, and torque from 401 pound-feet up to 550 lb-ft. Start the motor, listen to the whine of your neighbors, I mean, the supercharger. Tap the accelerator and feel your spine align. Tap the brakes and the 16-inch cross-drilled rotors will stop your watch. Load it with manure (I did) and see how truly pointless this vehicle is. Pointless in a good way. Like 150 proof Vodka is pointless.
Which makes me wonder. Today the only auto press I hear relates to bankruptcy, compact cars, and hybrids. Among many others, the Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac XLR and Acura NSX are postponed. How long will the Obama Administration’s latest comments be more important than horsepower?

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