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Where Should You Buy Your New Tires?

Goodyear Auto Service Centers – the Most Satisfying Tire Retailer in AutoPacific’s 1st Replacement Tire Retailer Dynamics and Satisfaction Study

About 26% of drivers in the USA have replaced one or more tires in the last twelve months. Most of these tires are purchased and serviced by a Tire Retailer. Tire retailers can range from the corner service station to an auto dealership, a mass market retailer or a specialist nationwide tire center. Knowing which tire retailers provide the most satisfying service is critical when deciding where to purchase Replacement Tires. In its first Replacement Tire Brand Dynamics and Satisfaction Study AutoPacific surveyed over 15,000 vehicle owners who bought replacement tires over the past twelve months to determine what is important when choosing a replacement tire and which tire retailers provide the most satisfying experience.

Each tire buyer rated the importance of and their satisfaction with eight different tire characteristics including: retailer service, retailer reputation, retailer location, mileage warranty, tire price, rotation included in the price, variety of tire brands carried and variety of tire lines/sizes carried.  Using these data, AutoPacific calculated the overall winner and the top rated Tire Retailer in each category.  The top satisfying Tire Retailer, nationally, is Goodyear Auto Service Center, a large national chain. Closely following Goodyear nationally are Firestone Complete Auto Care, Les Schwab Tire Centers and Sam’s Club.

Goodyear Auto Service Centers are the top satisfying Tire Retailer in the Northeast and South Census Regions. Pep Boys is the top satisfying Tire Retailer in the Midwest.  Les Schwab Auto Centers achieve the top satisfying record for the West.  Top ranking retailers in each satisfaction category are:

Retailer Service – Les Schwab Tire Centers
Retailer Reputation – Les Schwab Tire Centers
Retailer Location – Les Schwab Tire Centers
Tire Price – Walmart tied with
Mileage Warranty – Sam’s Club
Rotation Included – Mr. Tire tied with Sam’s Club
Variety of Tire Lines/Sizes – Fair Tire
Variety of Tire Brands –

Evaluating important reasons a person selected a Tire Retailer, West Region winner Les Schwab swept the board nationally with highest rankings for the following: previous experience with the retailer, trustworthy, high quality service, knowledgeable personnel, courteous personnel, a retailer I would recommend, and among the best tire retailers.  This is a very impressive performance.

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