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2014 Mercedes S-Class Wins President’s Award

AutoPacific Presidents Award logo blog2014 Mercedes S-Class Wins AutoPacific President’s Award  AutoPacific awards its President’s Award when a new Vehicle Satisfaction record is achieved.  This year, the all new 2014 Mercedes S-Class scored 794 points almost 20 rating points higher than the previous highest score of 775 earned by the 2010 Hyundai Sonata.

The S-Class racked up almost-perfect scores in vehicle and brand reputation.  This is a testament to Mercedes’ standing among its buyers.  The 2014 Mercedes S-Class wins 20 of 50 attribute ratings outright.  It ties with another Premium Luxury Car in 10 others.  Having the top score in 30 of 50 attributes reinforces the excellence of the attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of the new S-Class.Mercedes-Benz S 400 HYBRID (W 222) 2013

The 2014 Mercedes S-Class wins in some very important categories:  safety features, power and acceleration, ride quality, quality of interior materials, image, interior styling, exterior styling, interior lighting, driver’s seat comfort… the list goes on. In essence, the Mercedes S-Class owners rate its “performance” the highest of any Premium Luxury Car – power and acceleration, ride are tops, handling and braking are near the top as well.

Price – Expensive, But You Get What You Pay For  Competing in the pricey Premium Luxury Car class means you are competing for buyers with money.  That does not prevent the S-Class from achieving one of the lower scores for satisfaction with Price/Monthly Payments.

Owners’ Image Consistent With The Car  In addition to measuring satisfaction, AutoPacific’s research gathers owners’ impressions of the image of the S-Class.  The S-Class image descriptions are strongest in its class in these perceptions:  luxurious (90%), trusted brand (89%), exclusive (84%), comforting (69%), mature (62%), family-oriented (49%), eco-friendly (33%), conservative (22%).  The S-Class was a close second in these perceptions:  upscale (87%), distinctive (86%), safe and secure (85%), expensive (80%),  fun to drive (79%), basic (11%), economical (8%).  Clearly, this profile parallels the image of a Premium Luxury Car from a Premium Brand – the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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