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Nautilus vs. Corsair – 5-Passenger Lincoln XSUVs

Old Platform Nautilus Takes on Newer Corsair
  • March 17, 2021
  • Lincoln
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AutoPacific compared a 2021 Lincoln Nautilus with a 2020 Lincoln Corsair.  They just happened to be at the same place at the same time.  It is pertinent to compare Nautilus vs. Corsair because they are the 5-seat entries in Lincoln’s all-XSUV lineup.  For the uninitiated, XSUV is AutoPacific’s shorthand for Crossover Sport Utility Vehicle.

Corsair Nits and Niggles  The Corsair is based on the Ford Escape platform and is all new for 2020.  Because it is all new, Corsair is executed with Lincoln’s new DNA.  There are small differences.  First, the Corsair is available with a brilliant color Head-Up Display.  Once you are used to a HUD, it is hard to give up.  Corsair has an 8-inch center screen – substandard for a vehicle of this era in this class.

Front seat adjustments are on the door trim panel of the Corsair.  Pressing a button near the seat controls activates a graphic on the center screen showing how the seats can be adjusted.  There is a significant problem with the Corsair’s multi-adjustable seats.  There is no adjustment where the seats actually become comfortable.  The adaptive suspension on the Corsair bobs and pitches like it is adapting like a berserker. Panel fit and finish on the exterior doors leaves a lot to be desired.

Other than those nits, the Corsair is a delightful Compact XSUV.

Nautius Nits and Niggles  The Nautilus is based on the Ford Edge platform.  The platform launched in the middle of the last decade.  In fact when it was launched, the Nautilus carried MKX nomenclature.  In a mid-cycle change, the vehicle was re-named Nautilus and added a very nicely done grill carrying Lincoln’s new DNA.  Being based on an older platform, what is the problem?  While the 2021 Nautilus gets a class leading 13.2-inch center screen, there is no Head-Up Display available.  The seat controls are on the side of the seat.  Once you are used to seat controls on the door, like on the Corsair, it is hard to give up.

The Nautilus is equipped with 22-way Power Multi Adjustable Front Seats.  While these seats do the same thing as the seats in the Corsair, they are extremely comfortable.  Both vehicles have adaptive suspensions. The adaptive suspension in the Nautilus is much more composed than the frantic adaptive suspension in the Corsair.

Today, the Nautilus vs. Corsair comparison gives the nod to the Nautilus by a slight edge.  This is primarily because of seat comfort and ride quality.  Corsair’s adaptive suspension works against it.  The Corsair’s Multi-Adjustable Power Front Seats adjust every way but comfortable.  Because the ride and seat comfort in the Corsair will be experienced every time you drive the Corsair, Nautilus wins.

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