Ford Carrousel Story Continues – Dick Nesbitt, Designer


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  1. Dick Nesbitt 07/12/2007, 4:38 pm:

    Hi George
    –Thanks for including me on this additional Carrousel story.
    Also thanks for pointing out the two “r’s” in the original code name–it’s been a long time.
    –I would really appreciate a contact name to obtain a set of high-quality prints and print numbers of the Carron & Company Carrousel pics you featured in your article for my files.
    –Best Wishes and Thanks Again,
    Dick Nesbitt

  2. Gregg Montgomery 06/24/2014, 11:06 pm:

    I hired into Ford Design and Styling in the fall of 1973, and was originally assigned to the truck and tractor studio which at that time was located in the NW corner of the Design & Styling building. One of the first and most interesting vehicles I was I was exposed to was the Ford Carrosel mini van. The version I saw was painted a light olive metallic and was intended to be powered by a V8 not the rather enemic V6 offered in the Chrysler mini van a decade later. The Ford Carrosel was a much more muscular looking vehicle and if it had been produced might have given mini vans a considerably different character. It’s a shame Ford missed out on this one, but as with this and other vehicles, Lee Iacocca knew a good thing when he saw it. The mini van eventually went into production — at Chrysler.

    • George Peterson 07/17/2014, 3:21 pm:

      Hi Gregg

      You must have been in the studio when we were working on the feasibility of the Carrousel. The studio engineer was Al Karhi, right? Anyway, this is the one that got away. Probably had to do with the threat to the Country Squire and the first OPEC fuel crisis. The Chrysler minivan was based on the Mini Max that was under development in the Advanced Studio. That was front wheel drive. Of course Carrousel was RWD. Ford, at the time, did not have a front wheel drive platform, but Chrysler had the K-Car with front wheel drive. So Sperlich taking the Mini Max strategy with him to Chrysler fit like a glove.

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