Nissan Rogue Adds to Crossover Count


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  1. David Barrett 08/22/2007, 10:27 am:

    Nissan must have iron cladding on their ivory tower. Today, relying on a test drive is SO last century. More people than ever do cross-comparisons via the web than ever before, and the level of tech-savvy appears to be greatest within the segments for which this little CUV might appeal.
    Having written that, it’s a lame looking vehicle, without any characteristic beyond the Nissan logo and silver paint. Although AutoPacific did the sales forecast, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Nissan will not meet their internal projections. They don’t seem to have a good track record in that area recently – although it’s clear that Nissan owners love their vehicles… so, perhaps there is some hope. Note that I’m in the market for a new CUV or SUV and I after ten seconds of review, this Rogue is OFF the list. Rogue? What kind of name is that? It’s akin to calling a pen a dagger. Off the mark.

  2. Darren Hawk 06/15/2008, 9:13 am:

    Nissan has a very competitive small crossover. Smooth and fun to drive. Impressively refined with the CVT. The engine is strong and smooth. Interior quality is very good, although lacking on storage cubby holes. No rear seat tricks, just up or down. Comfortable seats and good driving position. Limited visability on rear sides and out rear windown. The 2wd should be able to be loaded with options that are only limited to 4wd. The excluded options has nothing to do with the drive train. Fuel economy is as posted and better if you keep highway speed at 70 and below. Highly recommend.

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