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VehicleVoice #77 – The Nissan GTR – Finally Coming to the USA!

VehicleVoice loaded up the bus with every one of our reporters, reviewers, analysts, photographers, videographers, producers, and that kid in the break room who steals everybody’s leftovers, and beat a path due north to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2007 L.A. International Auto Show. Man, did we have fun!
We’ve got so many new cars and concepts to show you, that it’s hard to know where to start. So we decided to begin with the biggest crowd pleaser; the car that actually had seasoned, cranky, been-there-done-that automotive journalists hooting and hollering when it was introduced.
The Nissan GTR. Finally, it’s coming to a state near you. With a racing heritage to die for and enthusiasts all over the world, this $70,000 street-legal race car won’t sit in anyone’s showroom for long. VehicleVoice’s Stephanie Brinley chats with GTR historian and enthusiast Tyler Siegel.

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