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David Barrett and Stephanie Brinley wrap up their time in the Audi booth at the NAIAS with this detailed look at the new A4.
Stephanie Brinley and David Barrett continue their stroll through the Audi booth at the NAIAS, with a look at the new TTS.
Take all that gobbledygook that comes after the word Audi (R8 V12 TDI) and replace it with WOW! That's really all you need to say about this Audi supercar concept that's street legal, faster than a speeding bullet, but quieter and more fuel efficient than your average stupid-fast sports car.
The new coupe and sedan will arrive in showrooms this week. In preparation, enjoy this typically fun English video review of the M3.
The 1 Series doesn’t feel smaller than a 3 Series when you sit in it. The seats and interior are typical BMW: well designed, excellent fit and finish, and with a design style that makes the driver feel in control, even when standing still.
The video stories at VehicleVoice are exclusive and revealing. We interview top executives, review cars with honest, no-nonsense opinion, and share our thoughts on how the auto industry continues to evolve.
David Barrett had this exclusive chat with Dr. Z. Do you think he's happy to be in charge of Daimler now, instead of Daimler Chrysler? Listen between the lines, folks.
The new GLK is a small SUV with a groundbreaking four-cylinder, Bluetec diesel motor.
This time, a walk around the second Chrysler concept to grace the floor of the Detroit Auto Show, although the Jeep Renegade Concept isn't meant to be on the floor. It's meant to be off road - so far off road, you could try it at sea. Amphibious? You decide.
Here's your exclusive look at this four-seat sports car with the glass roof and 23" wheels. Wow!
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