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VehicleVoice #101 – Exclusive Interview with Mercedes Chairman, Dr. Z!

Remember those commercials for Chrysler a few years ago that feature a tall, geeky, mustached guy named Dr. Z? This was back when Chrysler spelled its name Daimler Chrysler. Before the ugly divorce. Dr. Z, aka Dr. Dieter Zetsche, is the Chairman of the Board of Daimler and Head of Mercedes Autos.
When you see Dr. Z on the floor at the North American Auto Show, he’s always surrounded by an entourage of handlers and photographers. But he’s such a gracious guy, that when we pushed through the crowd and asked for a quick interview, he agreed.
David Barrett had this exclusive chat with Dr. Z. Do you think he’s happy to be in charge of Daimler now, instead of Daimler Chrysler? Listen between the lines, folks.

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