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Ford Visos

It has been quite some time since Ford of Europe has done a design study on its own. The Ford Visos design study represents Ford of Europe’s first such effort in several years.
The Visos is not intended for production in its current form, but word has it that Ford of Europe has been considering a replacement for the long departed (and well-loved) Capri – a European automotive icon of the 70s and early 80s. Indeed, while Ford claims that its looks draw heavily on all manner of past Ford products, the Visos is clearly modeled after the Capri, particularly its side window graphics and the little scoops ahead of the rear wheel openings.
This four seat coupe is claimed to have superb packaging for four adults despite its being a sporty coupe. Compared to the Capri, the Visos has a relatively upright C-pillar, though this is cleverly disguised with the very Capri-like rear quarter window shape. Special attention was paid to making the car adaptable to the driver’s mood, from changeable mood lighting to seats that actually change shape depending on whether the driver wants comfort or aggressive bolstering. The overall look is very consistent with J. Mays’ “retro-futurist” style – very clean, simple, yet somewhat organic.
Underneath, the Visos is based on the C1 small car platform that also underpins the Mazda3, the new Volvo S40/V50, and the next generation European Ford Focus. In the case of the Visos, the car is fitted with all wheel drive, and power comes courtesy of a twin turbo 3.0L V6 capable of 350HP.
While Ford insists the Visos will not see production as shown, it is definitely gauging interest in its nouveau-Capri concept. Problem is, as attractive as the Visos may be, the market for sporty coupes, both in North American and abroad, has decreased very significantly over the decade.
Nonetheless, sports and sporty cars can bring attention to the brand, and if such a car succeeds in increasing overall interest in the brand, the car’s value can be priceless.

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  • Stacey| February 26, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Interesting reading. Just bring the capri back…

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