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2005 Volvo XC90 Top Luxury SUV Winning AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award

Volvo XC90 Wins AutoPacific 2005 Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle Satisfaction Award

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“The widely acclaimed Volvo XC90 car-based sport utility rates highest among Luxury Sport Utility Vehicles for 2005. XC90 owners rate their Luxury SUV strongly in the reputation of the Volvo brand, feeling safe while driving (no surprise there… it’s a Volvo!), front seat room, cargo capacity, interior materials, anticipated resale value, quietness and controls. These combine to deliver a very balanced product from a respected brand.”
The Infiniti QX56 was a close second to the Volvo. XC90 nosed out the QX56 due to its perceived superior safety attributes.

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  • Alex| December 31, 2005 at 12:32 pm

    I was going to reject the offer of test-drive of my new Volvo V-40 when I was buying it. It means I trusted this make so much because my previous Volvo 240 DL was 22 years old and had 350000 (!) miles on its odometer when I gave it up. Now, after 3 years of driving V40 and 54000 miles I have different opinion at this matter. My Volvo V-40 is a car full of defects and bad design solutions in which production cost reduced as low as possible, not the price. The new design of oil filter for example with disposable insert makes me curse Volvo each time I have to change oil. It makes the procedure more difficult longer and the filter itself is more expensive. The climate control system is pure bullshit. Even armrest located in the extremely inconvenient place made of thin plastic has cracked the first time I leaned on it with my elbow. I can continue this list endless, but the most important thing is that the car had 3 serious repairs by warranty. One time I completely stuck in the road because transmission fell apart so the car had to be towed to repair-shop. Speaking about transmission, the car has very poor suspension, even worse then the cheapest ones. I could thing that it is just bad luck unless I did not have chance to drive S40 while my V40 was at third repair by warranty. My general feeling is that S40 which was one and a half years younger even worse. Fortunately I did not get to accident so I have no chance to evaluate famous Volvo’s safety. And I barely restrain myself from saying strong words about Volvo’s people both manufacturer and retailer. Probably I would be satisfied with my car if it was sold a few thousand dollars cheaper, but for the price which they ask it is simply a piece of garbage. Apparently modern Volvo is quite different from what it was 20 years ago. They simply trade with their good name made in the past. And it appears to me that they change models so often in order to cut of a multitude of complains. Yes, it is a general negative trend today among carmakers and but Volvo leads it.

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