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VIP Auto Fashion Show Upscales Hot Import Nights

For all card-carrying college football fans, Saturday December 3, 2005 was a day to be locked in front of the TV watching major rivalries and conference championship games. USC routed UCLA. Texas stomped Colorado. Georgia beat favored LSU. Florida State held on to beat heavily favored Virginia Tech. VT’s Coach Beamer has never beaten Bobby Bowden’s Seminoles in seven tries. He is 0-7 in the series. Wow. But enough about college football.
Inaugural VIP Auto Fashion Show

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That same day the first VIP Auto Fashion show was held in Anaheim. Its hours were from 1PM to 9PM so it was understandable that the show was pretty empty during the first hours while USC-UCLA was going on. Deciding that the rout was well on at the half, the VehicleVoice Video team headed over to Anaheim. When we got there, the score was something like 38 to 6 and by the time we got inside it was 45 to 6. Oh well, hope you weren’t for UCLA (OK, I admit I was for Florida State in the ACC Championship Game).

The VIP Auto Fashion Show is an upscale spin-off of Action Media’s Hot Import Nights the traveling road show of import tuner events that visits cities around the USA. This show features upscale cars and accessories. There were several Porsche Carrera GTs, rows of Lamborghinis, a few Rolls and Bentleys. DUB magazine had several highly accessorized cars and trucks there. The “talent” at the show was dressed a bit more upscale usually in black gowns, but still showing lots of skin.
Cadillac, Mazda, Subaru – Manufacturers with “Official” Presence at Show
Cadillac was there featuring the 2007 Escalade in its first West Coast review. You can see a walkaround of the Escalade in our upcoming VehicleVoice video-cast. Cadillac also showed a CTS race car and the new XLR-V sports car. Cadillac’s reason for being at the show was to give its products visibility among Southern California high-end car and truck buyers. That’s VehicleVoice’s George Peterson interviewing Cadillac/Hummer Manager of Accessories and Specialty Vehicles Doug Schumacker above. Cameron Barrett is shown behind the camera.
Other “official” manufacturer presence was with Mazda and Subaru who were using the venue as a natural spin-off of their activities with Hot Import Nights. So, this is not yet a real manufacturer’s show but a grassroots “you bring ’em, we show ’em” show.
Asanti showed its Diamond Series wheels which they tout as the most expensive set of custom wheels ever created with over 12,000 diamonds and 800 sapphires (tastelessly) mounted on the wheels. The set of wheels is priced at $1 million. Each buyer will receive a free Bentley GT with their purchase. Now, that’s a deal!

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  • karxprt| December 7, 2005 at 2:04 pm

    Looks like the VIP Auto Show brings in a different person than Hot Import Nights. But that is what they are trying to achieve, right?
    Would have loved to have seen those diamond wheels!

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