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For reasons that I don’t quite understand, I hate it when people troll parking lots at ridiculously low speeds looking for a perfect parking spot. I’m often stuck behind idiots like this wondering if they really feel less tired after shaving twenty feet of their commute. To me this makes about as much sense as car radios that come with wireless remotes.

When someone stops while I am loading my car and asks, “Are you leaving?” I’m wondering how a complete stranger can ask me to provide information about my intended travel plans for their convenience.
I experienced this in its highest form one afternoon a few weeks ago. As I was loading my car in a parking lot near my office a car pulled up, idled and waited for me. I felt tempted to check my oil, or better yet, rotate my tires, but resisted. The lot is never full, so it seemed like the usual laziness.
Then it occurred to me, I was in a health club parking lot! This er… person, was asking me to help expedite her plans to reduce the exercise she was going to get on her way to go get exercise! She pays money to lift chrome and run on a belt-sander that takes her nowhere, but can’t walk a few extra feet to the door for free!
Please leave me out of your parking dilemmas. If you feel compelled to park in the space that my vehicle is currently occupying, fine. Just please leave me out of your planning.


  • Corki Lumley| July 28, 2006 at 7:27 pm

    I have to use handicapped parking and I’ve had to wait while a perfectly able bodied, well muscled young man parked in the only handicapped spot, left his car running but locked the doors and ran in to the store to buy some beer. He figured it would be OK since he was only going to ‘be a minute’. I parked quite a bit away from the store and wheeled in with not a lot of problem but I gave him a bit of a problem in front of some of the patrons of the store when I asked if his mother was proud of him for his parking habits…

  • Greg| February 10, 2006 at 3:27 pm

    I like the guy in the convertible by himself who waits for the first spot at Costco when he obviously can’t buy much since he’s got a convertible.

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