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Honda Civic Si Sedan

Honda’s 2007 Civic Si Comes In Two Flavors
The Civic Si Sedan Concept on display at the 2006 Chicago auto show is very near the car that will be available in Honda showrooms late this year. The Si sedan marks some firsts for Honda. It marks is the first time the Si package has been applied to a sedan as well as the first time they have offered the Si in two bodystyles. The current Civic Si coupe was also introduced in Chicago at the 2005 show, and also in concept guise.


The Civic Si sedan uses the same powerplant and six-speed manual transmission as the coupe. The concept sported a nicely done rear spoiler, aluminum alloy eighteen-inch wheels, four-wheel disc brakes, and four-piston cross-drilled Brembo brake calipers. The Si sedan also gets a helical-type limited slip differential for dealing with the extra power.

While coupes are the traditional sporty body, high-performance variants of luxury sedans have increased over the years, so why not the compact car segment as well? As buyers in today’s market are less willing to sacrifice space for friends and gear to performance, and the tuner/pocket rocket market is not going anywhere, this is the right time for this move.

Voice from the Wilderness – Add an Automatic to the Si
Ever being the Los Angeles skeptics and wanting it all, we can certainly appreciate the enthusiast bent of the Si Sedan, but even with the feather-light Civic clutch, a manual transmission is a chore on the 405 Freeway. Lets add an automatic to the mix and then everybody can be happy. Don’t focus too tightly on the few people who still like to churn through the gears.

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