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Mazda Claims First Crossover

No, Mazda doesn’t claim that the 2007 CX-7 is the first crossover vehicle, but Mazda can claim they had the first crossover SUV on the market in the USA. After a lunch without alcohol, VehicleVoice has to concede that there may be some feeble validity to their claim.


1997 Mazda MPV All Sport ES

Struggling with a too-small underpowered MPV back in the mid-1990s, Mazda launched the “All Sport” model replete with contrasting bodycladding, tougher grille, more aggressive front fascia and all wheel drive. The fact that the MPV, unlike all other Minivans, had sedan doors leads Mazda to claim they had the original crossover idea before Toyota launched the RAV4 and Honda launched the CR-V.

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