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Let's Talk Cars: Gadget Special Report – Part II

  • March 15, 2006
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Let’s Talk Cars: Gadget Special Report – Part II

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More gadgets for you to go ga-ga over!
This time we’re showing off Delphi’s take on the future of automotive safety – the “Cocoon of Safety”. You might think this is stuff out of a Jetsons cartoon, but much of it is actually available today. We’ll also show you the latest iPod/MP3/CD/SD in-car media player. Sounds like it’s impossible to use, doesn’t it? But never fear, Blaupunkt makes it easy. And finally, we’ll reacquaint you with radar detectors. They’re still out there and Beltronics is marking them better than ever. Beltronic’s ultimate system even has front and rear laser blockers (now, what would those be used for?).
Our three featured interviews are with Delphi Electronics, Blaupunkt and Beltronics.
Show Rundown
00:51 Delphi’s Automotive Cocoon of Safety: Mary Schafer, Business Line Executive for Chassis Safety, Delphi
09:53 Blaupunkt’s new Audio Head Unit: Greg Larson, Product Specialist, Blaupunkt
16:34 Beltronics Off-the-Shelf and Custom-Installed Radar Detectors: Everett Morse, National Sales Manager, Beltronics

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