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Let’s Talk Cars: First Cars We Loved, and New Technology Run Amok

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This week on Let’s Talk Cars, we get all nostalgic on you, and talk wistfully of those cars we loved from our past. VehicleVoice contributor Jim Hall found his 1958 Toyopet Crown the most engaging Toyota ever. George Peterson tells the sad story of trading in a Boss 302 for a Ford Pinto. Idiot!
And because we like to mix oil and water, we’ve also got an OpEd piece on how technology in new luxury automobiles has gone over the top from AutoPacific founder and president George Peterson.
Show Rundown
01:55 First Cars – VehicleVoice contributor Jim Hall and AutoPacific president and founder, George Peterson
13:13 Technology in New Luxury Cars – George Peterson, AutoPacific president and founder
Check out an earlier article on AutoPacific’s take on the “rental car test” mentioned in George Peterson’s comments on technology run amok.


  • Bill Spiers| April 8, 2006 at 7:42 pm

    Yes, it’s true. George did trade in a Boss 302 for a Pinto. I went with him in his last ride in the Boss to pick up the Pinto. Don’t write me nasty letters, I didn’t know he was doing this until it was too late. Friends don’t let friends drive Pinto’s!! As I recall the Boss was a developement vehicle and as such didn’t have all it’s marbles. I like to think that The Boss was put out to pasture, in some part, due to the fact it was smoked by my little old ’68 Dart GTS. THAT’s a car I would like to have back!! Even more than the 2- ’70 Z-28’s and the ’73 Trans-Am.
    While there are plenty of new cars that I lust after, any one of those would take priority, if only……….

  • Urquhart| April 1, 2006 at 8:00 am

    The story about the Boss 302 traded in on a Pinto is heart-breaking. Guess that we all face something like that in our car-owning days. I’d never even heard of the Toyopet Crown.
    Also, Peterson is right on about the rental car test. Cars need to get easier. Not more complicated.

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