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2007 Audi TT Revealed

Unveiled In Sculpture
Audi has revealed their second-generation TT away from the typical auto show glitz. Instead the icon of car design was introduced in sculpture form at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, with the ceremony broadcast over the Internet for all to see; in fact, it can be seen on demand at Audi’s global website. The sculpture, a 2.5:1 ratio to the TT in the tin, will be displayed along Berlin’s Walk of Ideas display until fall. The real car was in the shadows of the mammoth portal to the Unter den Linden, with a four-cylinder and a V6 model on display. Despite having to wait until about fall 2006 to see one in person, VehicleVoice and AutoPacific bring you the first details and images we have. Just for comparison’s sake, you’ll find pics of the current car at the end of this entry, too.
There are two TT coupes owned among our staff, and this first look at the new car has us both giving it a vote of approval. It simply looks terrific. While my colleague is preparing to order up the new car already, I am holding on to my 2002 a while longer. When the time comes, though, this updated car will be on my consideration list! Perhaps the AutoPacific offices will continue to have two TTs in the parking lot for more than a few years…
Editors Note: Beware of pro-TT bias in any review of the TT coming from AutoPacific editors. They are totally hooked on the little Audi sports car.



Second Generation Keeps Personality of the First
The new Audi TT manages to again look stunning. It retains the basic shape of the prior car, though it is longer and wider and offers a faster rear window and wider track. Rather than a standard small spoiler of the first car, the second TT (when ordered with a V6) gets a spoiler that pops up at speed. Inside, cues from the first generation car include aluminum accents and circular HVAC vents, among other touches.




Updated convenience options include adaptive forward headlights, parking assist, Audi’s MMI interface, and navigation. None of these were offered with the first generation. Standard equipment includes automatic air conditioning and the sports steering wheel. Though Audi went with a flat-bottomed steering wheel to improve ingress and egress, it does not look as good as the first-generation steering wheel.

Among the most significant changes are that the TT now uses Audi’s aluminum space frame instead of steel, similar to the A8 and the European-market A2. Though the TT’s platform is new, suspension is still independent all around. This TT gets Audi’s optional magnetic ride damper system for a smoother ride. Front suspension is still MacPherson strut and rear is a four-link setup. Though the 250HP 3.2L V6 gets standard quattro, the 200HP 2.0L turbo-charged FSI I4 gets standard front-drive. Both engines get standard six-speed manual transmissions and optional six-speed DSG units.
The second-generation TT launches in 2+2 coupe form just like the first, with the convertible expected on sale in spring or summer 2007. The convertible may get an unconventional reveal as the coupe did, or it could be shown at the 2006 Paris auto show this September.



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