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AutoPacific 2006 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

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AutoPacific has released the results of its 2006 model year owner satisfaction research. AutoPacific’s VSA (Vehicle Satisfaction Award) study is an industry benchmark for objectively measuring how satisfied an owner is with their new car or light truck. VehicleVoice automotive Internet panel members also contributed to this research.
The vehicle registering highest overall satisfaction in 2006 is the Lincoln Navigator Luxury SUV. The highest rated car is the new-for-2006 Hyundai flagship – Hyundai Azera.
Unlike 2005, when Nissan North America had seven winners, the 2006 results are distributed across the industry. There are eighteen Vehicle Satisfaction Award categories. Honda won four categories, General Motors won three categories, Ford won three categories, Nissan won two categories, Hyundai won two categories, Mitsubishi won two categories.
Top 2006 model year performers are:
TOP VEHICLE: Lincoln Navigator
TOP TRUCK: Lincoln Navigator
Premium Luxury Car: Lexus LS
Entry Luxury Car: Cadillac CTS
Luxury/Large Car: Hyundai Azera
Premium Mid-Size Car: Volkswagen Passat
Mid-Size Car: Mercury Milan
Image Compact Car: MINI Cooper
Compact Car: Honda Civic
Sports Car: Chevrolet Corvette
Sporty Car: Acura RSX
Large Light-Duty Pickup: Nissan Titan
Large Heavy-Duty Pickup : Chevrolet Silverado HD
Sport Utility Truck: Honda Ridgeline
Compact Pickup: Mitsubishi Raider
Luxury Sport Utility: Lincoln Navigator
Large Sport Utility: Nissan Armada
Premium Mid-Size Sport Utility: Mitsubishi Endeavor
Mid-Size Sport Utility: Hyundai Santa Fe
Compact Sport Utility: Suzuki Grand Vitara
Minivan: Honda Odyssey

In addition to identifying segment winners, VSA also establishes numerical satisfaction ratings for virtually every passenger car and light truck in the North American market. This results from calculating owner satisfaction across 45 specific areas related to a vehicle’s operation, comfort, safety and the overall purchase/lease experience. The 2006 ratings reflect input from buyers and lessees of new vehicles acquired September 2005 through January 2006.
AutoPacific releases VSA results yearly as a consumer and industry service. AutoPacific also offers a Satisfaction Benchmark Study (SBS) that analyzes, on a feature-by-feature basis, cars and trucks in the North American market. This study allows manufacturers and key suppliers to assess and compare their vehicles on a feature level with the best in the business. “We feel SBS is the best and most economical way for manufacturers and suppliers to rate their own performance, and find out who is setting the standard for satisfaction. It then takes the analysis to the discrete level, from cupholders to the dealership experience,” says Peterson.

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  • 57TBird| June 20, 2006 at 6:05 am

    My son just bought a 2006 Ridgeline with the moon roof and navigation system from a dealer in Jacksonville, Florida where he resides. The Ridgeline all decked out had a sticker price of over $36,000. The dealer was just opening and my son got the Ridgeline for $31,000. By the time he added the rear camera system, the iPod dock, steps, bug deflector, rear cargo cover and some other items the price really got up there. The Ridgeline is black with a gray and black leather interior. The Ridgeline was bought to replace a Toyota 4 Runner. So far the Ridgeline is great, performs well and gives good gas mileage. Dealer service appears to be much better then Toyota. The navigation system is the best we have ever used. The only small complaint is that the iPod dock should be able to list the songs on the screen, if it can we can’t get it to work that way. The XM service was on to try out for 3 days and the dealer put it on to try out for 6 months. The Ridgeline is comfortable, versatile and my 4 and 1 year old grandchildren love siting behind daddy and mommy up so high.

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