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Honda’s Building a New Auto Plant

Site to Be Determined
Among news of manufacturing facilities in all kinds of industries leaving the United States, several auto manufacturers are continuing to invest in expanding and building more North American production, and the latest news is from Honda.
Honda has steadily and consistently expanded its North American production base since their first plant here. Back in September 1979, Honda began building motorcycles in Marysville, Ohio, and still does. That was followed in November 1982 with auto assembly at a new plant, also in Marysville. Since then, Honda has consistently increased its manufacturing presence in the United States and Canada, with engine and transmission facilities as well as additional vehicle assembly plants.


Honda has capacity to build 1.4 million vehicles in North America from six auto plants, supported by several engine and transmission facilities. With the latest CR-V joining the assembly line in Ohio, there will be only a few products in Honda’s U.S. lineup not built here for 2007 model year. These are the newly introduced Fit, the low-volume S2000, and the even-lower-volume and now-cancelled Insight, though the Hybrid Civic is also imported. And we’re not even mentioning facilities for motorcycles, generators, and lawn mowers.

Honda has announced more increases for the last half of this decade. Though Honda already knows what locations are in contention and isn’t telling, during 2008 an all-new vehicle assembly plant will go on-line somewhere in the United States. This new plant will eventually have capacity for 200,000 units and Honda expects it will bring in another 1500 jobs. Which vehicles will come from the plant has not been announced, but if the Fit does well, building the next generation in the States is a logical choice. Honda’s also develops plants that are flexible and can build several different models; the new facility will also be able build several models. Along with the new assembly plant, a new engine plant is also going up next to the Alliston, Ontario, plant. Engine and transmission capacity is also being expanded in existing Ohio and Georgia facilities.

Summary: Honda’s North American Auto Assembly
Alliston, Ontario, Canada: Honda Pilot and Ridgeline, Honda Civic sedan (Canada only), Acura EL (Canada only), and Acura MDX
Lincoln, Alabama: Honda Odyssey and Pilot
East Liberty, Ohio: Honda Civic sedan, Civic coupe, Civic GX, Element
Marysville, Ohio: Honda Accord sedan and coupe, Acura TL
Mexico: Honda Accord sedan (Mexican market)

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  • Louella Forbes| September 18, 2006 at 4:19 pm

    How many Japanese associates do you have working for the car factory in Marysville and how many American associates?

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