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2007 Volkswagen Eos Pricing Announced

This Fall, $28,000 Gets You 200HP, Retractable Hardtop, and VW Badge
Though you can’t buy one until this fall, Volkswagen has announced pricing on its new touring convertible, and VehicleVoice and AutoPacific are here to report our first reactions. While the $27,990 base price sounds reasonable, including as it does the 200HP turbocharged four-cylinder engine that helps make the Audi A3 such a pleasure to drive and the expensive roof, jumping to the 250HP V6 model means you must spend at least $36,850. Between those extremes is a 2.0L I4 model with some extra amenities for $31,065.


Standard equipment includes the retractable hardtop roof with its panoramic sunroof, power windows, cruise control, air conditioning, and ESP. The mid-range price point moves automatic headlights, dual-zone climate control, heated front seats, a twelve-way power driver’s seat, windblocker, center armrest, trip computer and headlamp washer nozzles. When you step up to the V6, you get the mid-point equipment plus wood trim, a multi-function steering wheel, HomeLink, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and satellite radio.
Options available on either model include a premium sound system, DVD navigation, bi-Xenon headlights with dynamic cornering lights, parking assist, and eighteen-inch wheels. It will not be too difficult to get the Eos to a price above the $40,000 mark.

Where Does Eos Fit in the Competitive Landscape? Is It Overpriced?
If you’re thinking of the Eos as a replacement for the long-gone Golf cabrio, you’re not in the right frame of mind. VW has the New Beetle convertible priced more near the old Cabrio’s lot in life, with a base price just under $23,000. A quick look at pricing for 2006MY four-seat convertibles puts some perspective on the issue of a VW convertible running the range from a base $28,000 to likely $40,000 with liberal option-box checking.
(Note: Following this discussion is a list of base prices for various models, according to Kelley Blue Book ( as of May 19, 2006.)
VW offers a base Eos to go up against the Pontiac G6, Toyota Camry Solara, and Chrysler Sebring, while also offering a top-end Eos that more accurately competes with the Saab 9-3 and Volvo C70. Eos is more expensive than base Ford Mustang or Mitsubishi Eclipse, but those two have more sporting than touring personalities and offer base models within reach of younger buyers.
If the Eos delivers on uplevel materials and fit and finish, providing a model Everyman can afford has the potential to convince buyers that VW offers premium vehicles worthy of a luxury price point. Though the Phaeton was a wonderful automobile, the brand’s image in the States didn’t support a $90,000 price level that was also inaccessible VW’s traditional buyers. The Eos price ladder can put it on the radar for buyers shopping Volvo and buyers shopping Pontiac. The trick is to convincing buyers at both ends of the range that they are getting a higher-quality vehicle than the price reflects.

Retractable Hardtops Not Commanding Much Price Premium.
There are three new retractable hardtop four-seat convertibles in this bunch, but the expensive roof solution doesn’t seem to be gaining a price premium. The Eos is not yet actually on sale and the C70 and G6 are just getting to dealerships, so it is early to see what these retractable hardtops really can command for pricing. While an optional hardtop can range from $3099 (Mazda MX-5) to $2295 (BMW 3-Series), these new retractable hardtop models are priced only $1000 to $1700 more than their competition.
2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser
150HP 2.4L base: $20,530
230HP 2.4L I4 GT: $29,700
2006 Mini Cooper
115HP 1.6L I4 Cooper: $22,500
168HP 1.6L I4 Cooper S: $25,950
2006 Volkswagen New Beetle
150HP 2.5L I4, base: $22,750
150HP 2.5L I4, auto: $23,895
2006 Ford Mustang Convertible
V6 Deluxe: $24,760
300HP V8 GT Premium: $31,865
2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
168HP 2.4L I4, GS: $26,014
263HP 3.8L V6, GT: $29,794
2006 Chrysler Sebring
150HP 2.4L I4: $26,790
200HP 2.7L V6 Limited: $32,350
2006 Toyota Camry Solara
225HP 3.3L V6, SE: $27,520
225HP 3.3L V6, SLE: $30,790
2007 Volkswagen Eos
200HP 2.0L I4: $27,990
250HP 3.2L V6: $36,850
2006 Pontiac G6 Convertible
201HP 3.5L V6: $28,490
227HP 3.9L V6: $29,990
2006 Saab 9-3
210HP 2.0T: $37,220
250HP Aero 2.8L V6: $42,620
2007 Volvo C70
218HP 2.5L I5, T5: $39,405
2006 BMW 3-Series
325Ci (184HP 2.5L): $40,295
330Ci (225HP 3.0L): $45,595
CLK 350: $54,475
NOTE: Eos prices do not include destination; others include destination charges ranging from $500 to $790

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