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Cars – Pixar/Disney Movie Promises to be Car Guys Best

Pixar Cars Logo Blog.jpg
Car enthusiasts may not know that they have been waiting for Cars, the movie released by Pixar and distributed by Disney on June 9. Cars promises to be a penultimate occassion for the car world. Populated with characters that are cars, but recognizable as people or race drivers, Cars popularizes the cars that we have all admired.

Pixar Doc Hudson Blog.jpg

Robert Blumhagen Original – AutoPacific’s Hudson

Of course, VehicleVoice and AutoPacific likes Doc Hudson the best because AutoPacific’s long time image has been a 1951 Hudson parked in front of the AutoPacific building on a palm lined beach in Southern California. AutoPacific’s Hudson is an original painting by Southern Calfiornia artist Robert Blumhagen renowned for his California realism style of painting.

Pixar Animations and Stories – Sooooooooooo Realistic
We have all loved Toy Story, and Toy Story 2, Bugs and The Incredibles, but Cars blows our mind with animated portrayals of our favorite Hudson (Paul Newman as Doc Hudson), a Porsche 911 (Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera), a Volkswagen Microbus (George Carlin as Fillmore), a Plymouth Superbird (Richard Petty as The King) and even a Mack Truck (John Ratzenberger as Mack). Of course, we are wondering if there could have been Pete – Peterbilt or Ken – Kenworth – to have also been major characters.

Pixar The King Blog.jpg

“The King” with Voice by Richard Petty, Ol’ Number 43. Note Lightyear Tires – Remember Buzz Lightyear

even goes far afield in using a Fiat 500 with Tony Shalloub as its voice as the owner of a tire store – Casa Della Tires.
Cadillac Range – Yeah, That’s the Ticket!
Pay close attetion because as in most Pixar movies sight gags and subtle scenes flirt with your senses. Cadillac Range is priceless as the profile of the mountain range mimics Cadillac Ranch in Texas with tail fins of late ’50s Cadillacs profiles in their 45-degree spendor against the sky.
Cadillac Ranch Blog.jpg

Pixar Sheriff Blog.jpg

Cars is a don’t miss.

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  • bonkez| May 23, 2007 at 9:56 am

    george is right dont miss it or you will miss a great program

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