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London – Shell V-Power Developed With Ferrari


Always Sunny in England

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As luck would have it, Ferrari and Shell Oil turned the 10th of a mile roadway behind our hotel (and adjacent to the London Eye) in London into an F1 dragstrip to demonstrate the advantages of Shell’s V-Power “petrol”. Ferrari donated drivers, cars and several sets of tires for their car to blast up and down the street for a Shell Oil promotion. The event also included superbike demonstrations and stunt driving. The best part was the hand-turned turntable set up at the end of the route where techs turned around the F1 car, stunt cars and superbike by hand.
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V-Power Introduced in England Two Years Following USA
Shell introduced its V-Power premium petrol in London on August 23 two years behind the June 30, 2004 launch of V-Power in the USA.
If it hadn’t been so hokey with the Ferrari Formula 1 driver contending he could “feel a great difference with the Shell V-Power petrol”, it would at least have been a fun show.
Shell says the same international scientists who develop the Ferrari Formula 1 racing fuels have created a unique fuel blend that is designed to get more power and responsiveness from your vehicle. Yeah, right. At the same time they are promoting their scientists developing V-Power and Ferrari’s racing fuel, their on-site “scientist” volunteered she was part of a three-person Shell Oil team that traveled with Ferrari to all their Formula One races.
Shell’s Promotion Caters to Europe’s Formula One Interest
Catering to higher awareness of and interest in Formula One in Europe, Shell’s press release stated: “Instrumental to Shell V-Power’s development has been the working relationship forged between Shell and Ferrari over the last 50 years across the Grand Prix circuits of the world. The Ferrari Formula 1 car provides Shell scientists with a unique cutting-edge mobile laboratory enabling fuels to be developed and tested under the most severe conditions, benefiting from instant feedback and analysis. Findings are fed back into Shell’s road fuel development programmes.”
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So, Who is Jodie Kidd?
Perhaps the best of the day was having Jodie Kidd, British model and celebrity, talk to Ferrari’s ace driver – Felipe Massa. She looked to be about 6-feet tall to his 5-feet. She, the giant. He, the jockey. Just a few days later, Massa won the Turkish Grand Prix.


  • Andrea Collins| March 21, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    who is shell major F1 sponsor

  • pods| March 8, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    Who is Shell’s major F1 sponsor?

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