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VehicleVoice: Toyota's Formula One Car Races at Laguna Seca

  • September 5, 2006
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Welcome to VehicleVoice Episode #32

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There’s NOTHING like the scream of 16,000 RPMs. And the VehicleVoice team was trackside at the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway when Toyota’s Formula One team gave them the thrill of a life time. Our cameras were rolling, and our microphones were tuned in, so we bring that unbelievable experience to you.

Former racer and VehicleVoice correspondent David Barrett got the rare chance to walk through Toyota’s garage, speak with Formula One engineers, and get an exclusive interview with driver Ricardo Zonta. Not to mention experience, from the pit lane, Zonta breaking the track record with each lap he turned.

So if you’re idea of racing perfection is Formula One, and even if it isn’t, this podcast will thrill you!

Show Features
Ricardo Zonta, Toyota Formula One driver
Bruno Bunk, Toyota Formula One tire engineer

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