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New Hydrogen 7 BMW Introduced

Even thought the cost of oil is dipping a bit this month, the overall outlook for fuel prices does not alter the issues of oil dependency. German automaker BMW has taken a significant step at reducing its product requirements for fossil fuel.


The new BMW Hydrogen 7, is the world’s first hydrogen-drive luxury performance automobile for daily use. According to BMW, the new car is equipped with an internal combustion engine capable of running either on hydrogen or on gasoline and based on the BMW 7 Series.

Hydrogen technology dramatically reduces emissions, including CO2. When running with hydrogen power, the Hydrogen 7 emits nothing more than vapor. Hydrogen is also available in an infinite supply. Already, BMW has gained recognition for lowering the emissions of its gasoline engines. Now, with the Hydrogen 7, a BMW owner has the opportunity to eliminate CO2 and other emissions, but also has the option of using traditional fuel – all at the touch of a button that controls its dual-mode power unit.
The BMW 7 Series is known as a powerful, yet luxurious automobile, and the BMW Hydrogen 7 is not expected to be any different. Powered by a 260 hp twelve-cylinder engine, it accelerates from 0-62.1 mph in 9.5 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to 143 mph.
The car’s dual-mode drive provides an overall cruising range of more than 400 miles. The BMW Hydrogen 7 comes with both a conventional 74-litre (16.3 Imp gal) gasoline tank and an additional fuel tank taking up approximately 17.6 lb of liquid hydrogen.
BMW says it developed the dual-mode power unit in case a driver found himself away from a hydrogen filling station. I know this isn’t Germany, but I have yet to see one hydrogen filling station. Assuming BMW is able to charter the development of such an infrastructure, hydrogen power may be one of the most interesting advancements to yet appear on the automotive scene.

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