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Audi A6 4.2 Quattro – Wins Motorist’s Choice Sports Sedan/Wagon


AutoPacific Take on Audi A6’s Win – Audi A6 owners’ strong ratings of the car’s feeling of safety and traction in all weather conditions helps the A6 achieve its leading performance in the Sports Sedan class. Clearly, Audi’s renowned Quattro all wheel drive system contributes to this feeling of confidence for the car. Another Audi hallmark, interior styling, trim and materials also strongly contribute to its position at the top of its class.
IntelliChoice Analysis – The A6’s standing in the inaugural Motorist’s Choice awards show just how well balanced the vehicles from Volkswagen’s premium division have become. Over 5 years, IntelliChoice rates the A6’s Cost of Ownership to be $45,969, over $5000 less than comparable vehicles in its class. Combine this great value with the A6’s great performance and you have a true winner.

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