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VehicleVoice#44 – Buick Enclave World Debut

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The Los Angeles International Auto Show opened it’s doors to the general public today. For those of you who are saying, ‘What a minute! It’s not January yet!’, don’t worry. You haven’t lost a month somewhere. The L.A. Auto Show opened a month earlier than usual this year. They’ve had the change of date in the works for years now. The old January time table had them overlapping with the Detroit Auto Show, and nobody liked that very much. The earlier show time has them in the unique position of debuting a record number of new models. And one of those models was the new Buick Enclave, which was introduced to the world (and our intrepid VehicleVoice panel of experts) Wednesday.
AutoPacific Vice President and Senior Consultant Jim Hossack thinks the new crossover could be a hit, but it’s probably not going to take over a traditional demographic Buick is gunning for. Jim brings us the first of no less than a dozen pieces from the 2006 L.A. Auto Show.

Show Runtime – 1:29

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