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LA Auto Show – 2007 Porsche 911 Targa

As LA celebrates the 100th Los Angeles Show, it’s fitting to be reminded that the historic Targa Florio (in Palermo, Sicily) and the LA Auto Show were was begun in that same year. With the launch of the 2007 Targa this weekend, Porsche thought they would do us the favor of reminding its USA audience of the history.
Created in 1906 by the wealthy automotive enthusiast and racer Vincenzo Florio, the Targa Florio was one of the oldest races in motor sports. The inaugural Targa Florio covered more than 270 miles on brutal mountain roads with multiple hairpin turns. Discontinued in 1977 due to safety concerns, it is still run as a rally race today
2007 Porsche 911 Targa


Today’s modern Targa is only slightly distinguishable from the 911 Coupe. In profile it can be identified by the aluminum trim that surrounds the daylight opening. The glass roof electronically slides under the rear glass for open top driving. In addition, the rear glass opens like a conventional hatchback.
2007 offers two firsts for Targa buyers. It is the first year that the panoramic roof has been featured on an all-wheel-drive version of the 911. Also, this is the first Targa to be offered with two engine options, a 325 horsepower 3.6 liter for the Targa 4 and a 355 horsepower 3.8liter for the Targa 4s.
Pricing for the 2007 Porsche 911 Targa 4 is $85,700 while the Targa 4S starts at $95,900.

Porsche won it’s first Targa Florio in 1956 with a 550 Spyder and won a record 11 overall victories until the last race in 1977:
1956: Porsche 550
1959: Porsche 718 RSK
1960: Porsche 718 RS60
1963: Porsche 718 RS64
1964: Porsche 904 GTS
1966: Porsche 906 Carr era 6
1967: Porsche 910
1968: Porsche 907
1969: Porsche 908/2
1970: Porsche 908/3
1973: Porsche 911 Carrera RSR
Porsche Targa History
The first 911 in 1963 was criticized for being too angular, when compared to its predecessor, the 356. Like many good lasting designs, the initial reactions were not indicative of the future place that the design of the 911 would hold. Today, the 911 is arguably one of the most iconic designs in all of the automotive industry.
In 1967 Porsche introduced the Targa with a removable roof panel and a stainless steel-clad roll bar. The plastic rear window would later be augmented and replaced with glass. Porsche introduced the Targa as a solution to concerns that the NHTSA would outlaw fully open convertibles in the US. While this legislation never panned out, open convertibles did suffer from an image problem related to perceived safety.
General Specifications:
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