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VehicleVoice#51 – Giugiaro Mustang Concept World Debut

  • December 12, 2006
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If there’s one thing you’re sure to see at any car show, it’s concept vehicles. These are the “space age” looking, wildly designed beauties that sit on turntables and risers in every booth and whose main purpose is to decorate their surroundings. At least that’s what many of us would think at first glance. But there are reasons for concepts, and we’ll tell you all about those reasons in VehicleVoice Episode #52, which will post on Friday, December 15.
In the meantime, we just wanna show you one. In fact, it was a favorite of AutoPacific Senior Analyst Jim Hall. The new Giugiaro Mustang Concept was debuted to the world at the L.A. Auto Show. Designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro of ItalDesign, it’s a pretty interesting mix of American muscle and Italian style. Will you be able to see one in a showroom near you any time soon? Unlikely, so fill your eyes with this one for now.

Show Runtime – 2:17

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