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Buick Revives Super: 2007 New York Auto Show

Only days ahead of the 2007 New York Auto Show, Buick revealed its 2008 model year Lucerne and LaCrosse, as well as announcing the return of the Super trim level. Though not used in fifty years, Buick’s mid-twentieth-century Super models indicated the top of the range, the most special, premium Buicks you could get. Supers appeared in Buick’s range from 1940 to 1950 (not including WWII years, of course). Among them were the 1940 Super Estate Wagon and the 1958 Super Riviera Coupe. It may be a stretch to see Buick as the Super brand it used to be, but these powertrain updates give Buick top-end bragging rights among front-drive large luxury cars. (We first brought you news of the LaCrosse Super back in May 2006.)


Fast forward to 2008MY, and V8 power is at the core of both the new Lucerne and LaCrosse Super, though not the same V8. Both also get new, large waterfall grilles similar to the Velite concept of 2004 as well as the 2008 Enclave SUV for a the 2008 range that looks more like a family. The adaptation of the large, flowing grille is better done on the LaCrosse than the Lucerne, though both result in a heavy-looking nose.


VehicleVoice and AutoPacific staffers are quick to compliment General Motors for adding higher power and higher performance models to their lineup. Adding the Super models to the Buick LaCrosse and Lucerne brings back credibility to the Buick lineup and should attract “mature” well-heeled drivers to the cars. Buick has always been the car for the country doctor or dentist or the town lawyer (probably now driving a BMW). These are cars that they will not have to apologize for, but will take time for them to be noticed.
The Management

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2008 LaCrosse Super: 300HP and Portholes
The 2008 LaCrosse gets a new grille across the range, but when the LaCrosse that passes you by instead of blocking the way (yeah, right) also sports four portholes on each of the front fenders, a small rear lip spoiler, and eighteen-inch wheels, you will know you’ve been passed by one of the few Buick owners with some get-up-and-go in their right foot as well as under the hood.


In all seriousness, the 300HP should make for respectable performance, assuming torque steer is under control. The V8, like the V6 engines, is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. Buick also made sure that the engine is equipped with the General’s Active Fuel Management, for the best fuel economy possible in this setup. Regular, plain Jane LaCrosse models get beefed up standard equipment lists for 2008MY, with chrome exterior package, remote start, XM satellite radio, steering-wheel-mounted controls, and dual-zone climate control all now standard features.


2008 Lucerne Super
With the 2008MY, the Lucerne Super will also be offered, sporting a larger waterfall chrome grille, front and rear fascias, rocker panels, dual exhaust tips, and a Super badge on the decklid. This Super badge is difficult to see, quite unlike the large, rolling script of true, old Super models. The Lucerne Super also gets its own eighteen-inch wheels.


Mechanically, the 4.6L Northstar V8 is bumped to 292HP (yes, less power than the LaCrosse Super and only 2HP more than the top Cadillac DTS) and the Super’s chassis is updated with specifically tuned premium steering gear, StabliTrak, brake assist, and Magnetic Ride Control. Inside, the Super gets leather-wrapped instrument panel, leather seats, power tilt and telescope steering column, and a heated wood steering wheel. Look for the Super in dealers after the LaCrosse Super (summer 2007), likely in fall.


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