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2008 Hummer H2 and H2 SUT: New York Auto Show

More Power, Improved Interior, Same Strong Hummer Look
Even several years after introduction, Hummer’s H2 and even the H2 SUT are strong image cars. These aren’t high-volume products, and sales have slipped as demand is being filled, the car du jour changes and folks opt for more fuel efficient transportation. But the iconic look of the H2 is too much a part of its success to change. As a result, improvements for 2008 model year focus on making the vehicle more comfortable behind the wheel and for your passengers rather than looking different on the outside.



There is a revised interior, powertrain, and new safety features, with almost all changes applying to both models. (The notable exception being that the H2 SUT doesn’t get a the new full, two-passenger third-row seat.) Outside, distinguishing the 2007 from the 2008 means looking to the new versions larger openings in the seven-slat grille and larger lower grille, both to address cooling the new V8. Lower bumpers are also now painted silver instead of black.

The new engine is the 6.2L V8 delivering 393HP and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The new wide-ratio automatic, as well as features on the new engine like variable valve timing, should result in a smoother driving experience and help combat the gas-hogging nature of the beast. GM claims improved efficiency over the outgoing powertrain, as wel as increased towing capacity (up 1700 pounds to 8200 pounds). There is a new traction control system, the six-speed’s tap up/tap down feature Hummer says will also provide more control on grades, and it offers automatic grade braking. The new air intake and exhaust systems are tuned for less noise.

The interior gets new seats, a redesigned six-gauge instrument panel, new door trim panels, new controls, a new rear-seat HVAC system, and improved in-car entertainment with new radios and a new rear-seat overhead DVD system. The 2008 interior should have much better fit and finish, being designed with gap tolerances of one millimeter or less and using more soft-touch materials. The redesigned center-stack vents will better heat or cool the whole vehicle, including second- and third-row passengers.

Safety updates include roof-rail head curtain side airbags, including GM’s rollover sensing system, electronic stability control (with roll mitigation), a new traction control system, and a panic-brake assist feature (a first for GM full-size trucks and SUVs).
All in all, GM updated the Hummer H2 where it was needed, and kept the goodness that makes up the strongest appeal for Hummer buyers.

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