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Infiniti EX Concept: New York Auto Show

A New Infiniti Is Just Around the Corner
Infiniti‘s EX Concept at the New York auto show previewed a vehicle you’ll find on showroom floors late this year, in plenty of time for the 2008 model year. The concept also previewed some new technology, including the next-generation of Infiniti’s Lane Departure Warning (now upgraded to Lane Departure Prevention) and a system for seeing all exterior views called Around View Monitors.


Infiniti’s FX has found a niche in the crossover SUV world based on its highly styled, coupe profile, but the brand missed the boat on a higher-volume entry like the Lexus RX. Though they weren’t the only ones (witness the Lincoln MKX for 2007MY and the Buick Enclave for 2008MY), and this product should address the issue. Typical of most Infiniti products, the EX offers a stylish exterior and nicely designed interior. The concept highlighted a nicely executed interior design with a simply stunning level of materials that may slip a notch between now and production.

EX Related to G35 and FX
Based on the same rear-drive platform under the G sedan/coupe and the FX SUV, the EX will be offered only in all-wheel-drive guise. The EX is somewhat smaller than its mates and carries a more Lexus-like shape, where the FX is more outgoing and extroverted. The EX will offer V6 power, and the all-new 3.7L DOHC 24v V6 in the new-for-2008MY G37 coupe is the likely unit.


Infiniti describes their EX has having coupe-like styling and a coupe-like interior, and though it does not shout “coupe” as clearly as the FX does, the EX carries a more stylish than square exterior. The interior is described as “wave inspired” and driver focused. Though the production version may look to less expensive materials, the concept interior is rich in leather and aluminum alloy. The LCD panel used violet for its illumination and included an ambient lighting system with indirect headrest lights, striking against the bright white of the concept’s interior. The cargo area boasted an aluminum alloy floor with luggage rails, likely to be covered with a more practical surface in production.

The next-generation of Infiniti’s lane departure warning system will be found on the production vehicle, as well as an Around View Monitor, which uses front, side, and rear-mounted cameras to help reduce blind spots. The new Lane Departure Prevention system uses the VDC system to help keep drivers in their lane when the start drifting.

Some of the concept technology not expected to reach production includes the all-in-one sash-style door mirrors with integrated LED indicators, though the adaptive forward lighting and LED taillights is expected. The concept also featured a dramatic full glass roof that could be changed from transparent to translucent with a touch-sensor system, and referred to as a “study in how technology can be utilized to change the entire interior atmosphere of a vehicle,” it may not be ready for production quite yet.

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