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2008 Volvo V70: Next Generation Volvo Wagon

Volvo has been a major purveyor of station wagons for years. While they have tried to establish other image attributes – like “sporty” – safety and people moving are those attributes that are always on the tip of the tongue. Photos of the upcoming Volvo V70 station wagon have emerged that show an evolutionary, but good looking, “adjustment” in the V70 solution.

Volvo V70 SV.jpg

The previous Volvo V70 could be criticized for being a bit small for a people-carrying wagon. Safe, sure, and pretty sexy looking among the European sport wagon genre, but too small and certainly overpriced. Frankly, the XC90 is a much better deal than the V70, but that’s another story. The new V70 solves some of the space problem by moving the car closer to the S80… larger than the S60 sedan.
Volvo V70 R78 Blog.jpg

Volvo has always positioned the V70 as a stand-alone wagon , not merely a derivative of the S60 or S80 sedans. Volvo is quick to establish the lineage to the all-new range topping S80 sedan. The previous model was a derivative of the S60.
Volvo V70 2008 Front Side.jpg

Volvo adopted the strong haunches seen on the new V70 with the first generation S80. It’s arguably in its best form yet with the new V70. The relatively boring sedan style of the S80 is transformed into a standout stylish wagon. It’s all S80 from the front door forward including door, A-Pillar, windshield, hood, fenders, front fascia, etc.


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