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2009 Jaguar XF – I Want One

We’ve been seeing the Jaguar C-XF in concept form at auto shows for a couple of years now. The concept car is a show-stopper. It is gorgeous from any angle and so sporty that it makes the Mercedes CLS 4-door coupe look like a taxi. And that was my initial problem with the XF concept. Looked like it was a car you couldn’t live with for long. All the disadvantages of a coupe without the advantages of carrying around a couple of more doors.

Jag XF 2009 Upper F34.jpg

XF Looks Great in Production Form
Well, the first photos of the real Jaguar XF have just been released and the car looks great! It is clearly a Jaguar, but will never be mistaken as a previous generation car like the present XJ sedan is. Coming out in the 1st Quarter 2008 as a 2009 model, the XF should arrive just after Ford has closed the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover to somebody. Too bad, XF may be the single car that makes the Jaguar proposition profitable for the first time in fifty years.
Jag XF F34 in Motion.jpg

The XF is a 4-door sedan, for now at least. Apparently, Jag is playing with the idea of a wagon and coupe models, but given their dire financial situation it’s doubtful we’ll se anything but the sedan for many years. Even with the 4-door you have to question whether anyone over 5-feet 4-inches will be able to sit in the rear seat or how difficult it is to get in the driver’s seat?
USA Gets V8-Only – Right Plan?
While other markets will get V6 and diesel versions of the XF, the USA will get only the 4.2L V8 giving the XF a performance image from the get-go. While other cars in the mid-luxury class are struggling to sell even 20% of their mix in V8 form, XF is going whole hog. how this will pan out in this era of high fuel prices (the Brits will laugh at that one – I paid over $8.00 per gallon when I was over there a couple of months ago), and environmental consciousness. Maybe a V8-only plan is not the right way to go. Time will tell on that one, and Jag does have a V6 to fall back on.
Jag XF R34 Upper.jpg

New Owners May Inherit a Jaguar with Potential of Profit
Jaguar may be on its death bed and that is when some companies make the last gasp and make a heroic come-back. Remember Ford in the 1980s when the Taurus saved their butt with its advanced and innovative styling? Remember the Explorer redefining the SUV market and making it was for over 15 years? Remember the Chrysler 300? All vehicles made when their makers were up against the ropes or on the respirator. XF could be Jaguar’s saviour on the product-side. Now, I wonder who will buy the business just before XF is introduced?

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