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Chinese Car Folds Like an Envelope in Crash Test

Not that you want to kick a company when they are trying to learn how to design cars and do business in the West, but videos of crash tests in Europe have surfaced taht show cars made in China spectacularly failing crash tests.

Chery Amulet Crash.jpg

Chery Automobile, the Chinese car company that Chrysler is tying up with for a Chinese-made Chrysler for later in the decade, has been complaining that this crash test of the Chery A15 Amulet unfairly singles out the car for criticism. We think that the video shown on YouTube speaks for itself. Click this link to see this crash test. The link will take you directly to the YouTube video.
Clearly, this car will not score Five Stars in any frontal crash test and the results are indicative of conversations with executives at Chinese car companies. In their minds, a car that simply meets the regulations has been designed successfully. For Western car buyers, however, Four Star or Five Star crash ratings are expected and even demanded. In AutoPacific research we have found that anything less than a Four Star rating is suspect and a One Star or Two Star rating is absolutely unacceptable.

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  • Jawad| December 9, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Yeh, cherry, this car is not safe at all, if you check on youtube, there is a video that shows you a 4×4 with all 4×4 equipment gadget if you want a security seat-belt and airbags, but the 4 passengers lost there legs, (test with dummies) unable to remove the door unless you have 3 men, you have to remove the peaces of the dummy to remove the body, which means that the passenger must be dead or lost his/her legs or else paralyzed same to the children (back seated passengers) the car wash completely smashed the airbag didn’t help at all, because the steering wheel slammed the drivers head btw. But with time China will make progress with there cars, because they have a lot, one day they will have a better product i’m sure.

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