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LA Auto Show – Maserati Quattroporte GT S – Tired of Blending In?

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Is your S-Class blending in?

Does the word BMW sound passé? Are you too young for a Bentley but owning a Ferrari was a lifestage or two ago? There may still be hope. A little known, often forgotten, manufacturer may just have the answer. They offer true exclusivity, segment leading personalization and hand-crafted attention to detail. They’ve been known to produce cars with extraordinary performance and luxury but meant for everyday use.

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History & Heritage
Maserati has been around for decades, rubbing shoulders with Ferrari, and taking to the track with the best in the business. Maserati who is currently owned by Fiat, enjoys designs by Pininfarina, utilizing engines from Ferrari, and incorporating knowledge gained on the track into their road going cars. All of this gives them some serious street credibility; it’s like having Don Corleone (in Mario Puzo’s The Godfather) as your dad.
Current Strategy
Their current strategy has been to target variants of its two and four door platforms while distilling certain elements where the end result is aimed at a different demographic. One version may be aimed at the business executive who appreciates plush seats and a comfortable ride while another version may concentrate on the enthusiast interested in performance. The new Quattroporte Sport GT S is definitely aimed at the performance enthusiast.
Some distinguishing exterior characteristics of the GT S would have to be the black-chrome mesh front grille, black side window trim and quad exhaust pipes. The aggressive look is complimented by 20” alloy wheels and the signature portals in the front quarter-panels.
Mechanical Concentration
The GT S offers Brembo brakes and a 400 horsepower Ferrari built powerplant, while also enjoying a lower ride height and stiffer springs and dampers. The Brembo brakes are comprised of composite dual-cast discs (the first time such equipment has been employed on a road car) and mono-block, six piston front calipers. The lower ride height and more taut suspension equates to better handling through corners and less body-roll overall.
The interior of the Quattroporte GT S is very fitting. Most of the interior is draped in leather and uses Alcantara for the center sections of the seats, interior door panels and the rim of the steering wheel. We are told that the Alcantara is available in several colors and provides better seating grip for sporty driving. Overall, the build materials are top notch and seem to celebrate the sportier nature of the GT S with carbon-fiber accents and aluminum threads. The front seats are very comfortable but you can tell that the form fitting bolsters are there for a reason and would definitely come in handy with those lateral G-forces experienced during hard cornering.
Time to trade in the Benz
All in all, there is something to be said about Maserati’s attention to detail and Italian flair. The attention to detail is often overlooked in even the finest mass produced vehicles such as Mercedes Benz S-Class, Audi A8, and BMW 7-Series. Maserati offers owners willing to part with over $115K that little bit extra. They go the distance to provide something unique and exotic, but at the same time functional.

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