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Infiniti Announces Pricing on 2008 EX35 – $31,300 – $36,250 (to well over $40K)

SUVs are on their way out and Crossover SUVs are on their way up. Those in the market for a versatile vehicle with seating for four full size adults and cargo, the ride quality of a car and the image of an SUV have flocked to Crossover SUVs. It’s not a new concept but the idea really didn’t catch on until Lexus came out with their RX 300 in 1998. XUVs as they’ve come to be called are typically built off of a unitized car platform and owners really appreciate the benefits. They tend to cost less than SUVs, get better fuel economy and handle better.


Scratch Resistant Paint?
In about six weeks the Infiniti EX35 will hit dealership showrooms across the country. Yesterday at the LA Auto Show Infiniti announced pricing of their all-new 2008 EX Luxury Crossover. It’s packed with all sorts of neat features. A few of my personal favorite include this new type of scratch resistant paint. Being a self-proclaimed ‘car person’ I forever park in end spots or out in the boonies, having this ‘Scratch Shield’, a self healing clear coat, would help ease any worries I’d have of people accidentally scratching my paint or brushing up against my vehicle. Infiniti claims that the clear coat is designed to maintain its gloss level over time and keep the EX looking new. This probably isn’t just good for OCD folks like me but probably Infiniti as well. If over the next three or five years people notice that Infiniti EX’s still look like new out there on the highways it may even reflect positively on the brand’s image.


Birds Eye View
Another cool feature has to be this new “Around View Monitor” (AVM) system. This system utilizes four small cameras to give the driver a “top down” or aerial view of the outside of the vehicle while parking. The camera views all come together in the central dash mounted screen. Not only are all four camera views present but sensors are at all four corners of the vehicle and can flash if you get too close to anything. It must make parallel parking a cinch!

It’s Going to Cost You
Well, what does an Infiniti that blends the best attributes of each segment cost? Funny you should ask. The rear-wheel-drive models start at $31,300, add the Journey package and you bump up to $34,850. With the all-wheel-drive versions you can expect to pay $32,700 and up, with the popular Journey model starting at $36,250.
Additional Packages
The good news is that my favorite feature, the scratch resistant paint, comes standard. Although I’d have to pay an additional $1950 for the Technology package, which comes with the Around View Monitor; Lane Departure Prevention System (Which I hope to turn off), and Intelligent Cruise Control.

Going Hands Free Will Cost you!
For those of you in California where hands free phones will be required pretty soon, you will most likely want ‘Bluetooth’ which can only be had with the Premium Package (along with a Bose® Premium audio system, memory settings, and automatic dual zone climate control). The Premium package on the EX is an additional $2150. For upgraded leather and Bi-Xenon headlights, with adaptive front lighting you can expect to pay $1650. After adding all of the packages up, it’s easy to see how prospective buyers could get lost somewhere over $40K for a fully loaded EX… but at the very least they’ll have shinny paint for years to come.

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