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VehicleVoice #78 – It’s All About Big Fat (Hybrid) Trucks – Really

  • November 21, 2007
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As John Mellencamp sings in countless Chevy truck commercials, “This is Our Country.” You bet your sweet bippy it is. We’re a big-truck/SUV-lovin’ bunch of consumers who still enjoy relatively low gas prices and can’t seem to get over our need for vehicles that are larger than most Japanese houses. And now American car makers are giving us a chance to atone.
If there was one thing to see at the L.A. Auto Show this year, it was great big HYBRID trucks and SUVs. From the Green Car of the Year, the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid, to the Cadillac Hybrid Escalade (yeah, that one’s still confusing me), American car manufacturers were out to win over our inner treehugger, no matter how deeply buried it is in our V8, 400 horsepower engines.
Morgan Patrick got a walk around tour of the new Chevy Silverado Hybrid Pickup Truck. Will it haul her horse trailer? Will it get gas mileage over 20 in the city? Will it cost a lot? Find out.

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