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2008 Saturn Lineup – The Newest Lineup in the USA

It’s official. Saturn is no longer the brand with quirky composite commuters we remember at launch in 1990 and their recent transformation has been made with a swift but calculated hand from the European market.

Saturn Astra350.jpg

2008 Astra

Saturn’s lineup of completely new vehicles brought to us by way of Opel integration brings the brand up-market and solidifies Saturn as GM’s answer to fight foreign competition.
Saturn Sky350.jpg

2007 Saturn Sky

AutoPacific took a close look at Saturn and found that it currently offers the newest lineup of vehicles. They actually have newer models than any other major brand sold here in the U.S.
To calculate who had the newest lineup we listed every major brand, then we listed every model in their lineup and how long each model had been around since each vehicles last ‘major change’. After adding up the years since each models last major change and dividing that by the number of models offered by each brand the evidence became clear. It was not Scion or Mini as originally suspected. Saturn was the brand with the newest lineup. Scion actually came in second.
Saturn = 5 models (2008 Astra, 2007 Aura, 2007 Outlook, 2007 Sky)
Saturn Total: 3 years divided by 5 models = 0.6
Oh yeah, the oldest lineup belongs to Saab at 6 years and then Mercury at 5.4 years and Ford at 4.8 years. Ford and Mercury are both brought down by the age of the Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria. Ford is also weighted down by the age of the Ranger and Econoline – both having amortized their tools years ago (decades in the case of the Ranger).

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