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VehicleVoice #92 – The Ultimate Corvette – the New ZR1

  • February 5, 2008
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The Corvette ZR1

Okay, motorheads. Here’s a story for you. The all new Corvette ZR1, introduced in Detroit at the North American Auto Show, is a work of art. But you probably already knew that. In fact, if you love Corvettes, you probably already know lots of things about GM’s new super car.
That’s why we grabbed exterior designer Kirk Bennion minutes after the introduction. We wanted to know what everyone doesn’t know. Why all the carbon fiber? How effective is the conservatively small spoiler? Is the double scoop on the door just a nod to heritage, or something more? Kirk had all the answers and here’s your chance to learn more about the ZR1 than anyone else in your bowling league, or golf foursome, or fantasy baseball league or whatever.

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